Does Your New Hamster Have Wet Tail?

Like any pets, hamsters can ride out some illnesses but are more seriously affected by others. One of the most problematic conditions for hamsters is wet tail. If this condition isn't identified quickly and treated, then it can be fatal. Wet tail is sometimes brought on by stress. If you've recently bought home a hamster for your kids and it seems to be going downhill after a great start, then it may be stressed because it is living with new people in a different cage and environment.

To be on the safe side, check your hamster if it seems sick or if it is showing any signs of wet tail.

What Are the Symptoms of Wet Tail?

Like any illness, wet tail has some general symptoms that might be shared by other medical problems. These may be your first indicators that your hamster doesn't feel well. For example, your hamster may get less active and stop grooming itself. It may stop eating and drinking. It may not like being picked up or handled any more. These symptoms should be enough to make you take a closer look at your pet.

At this stage, you may notice other problems that could indicate wet tail. For example, your hamster may pass a lot of watery faeces and may have matted hair around its bottom. The most obvious sign that you may have a serious problem is if the hamster's tail is damp or wet with faeces, and the hamster isn't cleaning itself up. The hamster's tail area may also smell very bad.

How Do You Cure Wet Tail?

If you suspect that your hamster has wet tail, you need to take it to your vet immediately. This disease can kill a hamster in days. If the hamster does have wet tail, the vet can give it antibiotics and deal with any dehydration problems it has. The sooner the condition is treated, the more likely it is your hamster will get better and start running around happily again.

If you aren't sure if your hamster has wet tail but it is acting sick, then it's a good idea to contact your vet to see if it needs to be taken to the clinic. It may be showing early signs of wet tail, especially if it has diarrhoea, or it may have another illness that needs to be sorted out. Even if your vet concludes that your hamster is just a bit stressed, at least you'll know it'll be OK.

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