4 Benefits of Adopting an Adult Cat

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, you may not have considered choosing a feline friend who is fully grown. There are many benefits to choosing to adopt an adult cat. Read on to discover 4 reasons why you should seriously consider adopting a grown-up cat rather than a kitten.

Fewer people want to adopt adult cats

When people are looking to adopt a cat, they are often drawn to cute little kittens rather than older, adult cats. While this is understandable, it means that adult cats are much less likely to be adopted from an animal shelter. If an adult cat isn't adopted, it is at risk of being euthanised by a vet. By choosing to adopt a grown-up cat, you could help to save the animal's life by giving it a new home.

An adult cat has an established personality

If you choose to adopt a kitten, you are taking a bit of a risk as you will have no idea how the animal's personality will develop as it matures and grows. What seems like a friendly little ball of fluff could, in fact, turn into a grumpy house cat over time. One of the major benefits of adopting an adult cat is that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Adult cats have established personalities, which means that the staff at the pet adoption centre can match different cats to different owners to achieve a good match.

An adult cat will be litter trained

One of the most challenging things to do with a baby cat is teaching it to use a litter tray. If you adopt a kitten, it is likely you will spend a lot of your time cleaning up urine and poop. However, by adopting a grown-up cat, you can avoid this hassle. The vast majority of adult cats will be fully house trained, which means you can be confident that they understand how to find and use a litter tray.

An adult cat is less likely to damage your furniture

While all cats can cause some damage around the home, an adult cat is less likely to scratch your furniture than a kitten is. Adult cats have often been trained to use a scratching pole, whereas a younger cat will need to learn how to do so.

If you would like to find out more about cat adoption, contact a cat shelter or vet surgery today.

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