Wet Vs. Dry Pet Food - Which Is Best for Your Cat?

Picking the right pet food for your cat is critical for its overall health and well-being. Nevertheless, considering that there is a vast selection of brands to choose from, it can be challenging discerning what will have the best nutritional value for your furry baby. A great place to start is by deciding whether you will choose wet food, dry food or a combination of both for your cat. However, this should not be done via guesswork. To help you make the right decision, this piece highlights the differences between wet and dry pet food so that you can establish which will be best for your cat.

Wet pet food

This type of pet food will commonly be available in either pouches or cans, and the main benefit of wet pet food is that its moisture content is incredibly high. Additionally, wet pet food is very easy for a cat to eat and digest. Hence, it is best suited to cats that have dental issues, have health problems or are either quite old or quite young. Another thing to note about wet pet food is that it is available in an array of flavours, making it a great option if you want to offer your cat a diverse range of foodstuff. If you have a cat that is a picky eater, you could opt to experiment with different types of wet food until you find something to suit their preferences. Nonetheless, wet pet food does have one main drawback. This type of food will need meticulous vigilance since it is vulnerable to bacterial growth. Hence, ensure that you do not leave it out for several hours.

Dry pet food

It may seem that wet pet food is the clear winner when choosing the right food for your cat but this is not true. Dry food does offer it sown benefits that could be suited to a good number of cat owners. For starters, it is available in larger quantities than its wet counterpart is, making it great for people that want to buy pet food for the long term. Secondly, the crunch that dry pet food offers is great for the dental health of your cat too! The third advantage of dry pet food is that it can remain preserved even when left exposed to the atmosphere. This characteristic is especially beneficial for cats that prefer to graze rather than ingesting an entire meal at once. Dry wet food does have its own con, though. Since it has limited moisture, it is crucial to ensure that your cat is receiving a sufficient amount of water or they could develop hydration problems.


Overall, neither type of pet food should be discounted. Instead, consider a diet that comprises a combination of the two! Learn more about pet food options from your local vet.

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