5 Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Taking your dog for professional grooming isn't just for the good looks, it's also incredibly healthy. As a bonus, they will smell great, be more relaxed, and sleep better. Dog grooming shouldn't be a one-time time experience. It should be done on a regular basis by an experienced dog groomer. While you can brush and clean your dog at home, you may not be able to provide all the services that a professional dog groomer does. Continue reading for 5 benefits of professional dog grooming. 

Healthy and Safe Grooming A professional dog groomer knows how to clean your dog without causing them injuries. They have the right equipment and product to ensure the process is not only safe, but it's also healthy. If your dog is playful or doesn't necessarily like water, you risk scratching or injuring them during the process. You may not have all the necessary antiseptic solutions to deal with the protection of your dog's skin. A good dog groomer knows how to inspect the dog for throbs, cuts, or irritation and the appropriate products to help soothe the injuries. 

Nail Trimming Your dog needs a nail trimming frequently. However, they hardly enjoy this process. You may not be qualified enough to do it, and you may end up cutting the nails too short. However, if you let your dog's nails grow too long, they may end up being so long that they're painful and inhibit movement. A professional dog groomer knows how to calm your dog enough to cut their nails and the appropriate height to cut them. 

The Right Grooming Supplies Different dog breeds have different coats, thus, they require different products. Your dog groomer has this information and the right supplies to ensure that their individual needs have been met. They know the specific brush, shampoo, and hair clipping technique they need to apply for each dog breed. Rather than risk doing it wrong, ensure you take your dog to a professional dog groomer.

Early Detection of Illness Your dog groomer has worked with many dogs. This gives them an edge in identifying illnesses early enough for them to be treated on time. They focus on all parts of your dog, including their eyes, paws, skin, ears, and more. If they suspect an illness, they can recommend an excellent veterinarian to check on your dog and provide treatment. 

Getting Rid of Mats If your dog has medium to long fur, they have a high chance of developing matted hair. Mats occur when your dog's coat becomes entwined or bunched. If this situation is left untreated, the mats can grow uncontrollably and pull aggressively on the skin, causing the dog pain. This can cause your dog to experience a lot of pain. Regular brushing and grooming will eliminate any chance of development of mats. Your dog groomer also knows how to trim and remove the mats.

Aside from the health benefits, taking your dog to a dog groomer will keep them looking and smelling nice. An unkempt dog will reflect poorly on you as a pet parent.

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