Can Older Pets Be Desexed?

Pet desexing is something that is legally regulated in some states and highly suggested in all others, as it helps your dog or cat with a whole range of medical issues and potential side effects. A lot of people are not that familiar with pet desexing and are unsure of when and where to get the procedure done, especially if this is their first time owning a new puppy or kitten. This can lead to the pet ageing past when it is traditionally expected to get desexed and lead to a lot of confusion and worry for the owner. Your pet can and should still get desexed even if they are older.

When Should Pets Get Desexed?

First, it is important to understand that your pet really should be desexed before it reaches puberty or sexual maturity. That is when all the main hormones have been released and bodily changes have already been completed so your pet will have to live with urges but with no way to get a real release from them. If pet desexing is completed within the first few months of a pet's life, then they have none of these behavioural issues and, instead, become quite placid and will be calmer than they would be otherwise.

Why Bother Getting Older Pets Desexed?

Pet desexing has all kinds of established benefits for domestic pets from reducing the amount of terminal cancer they can develop (due to the removal of reproductive organs) to a more relaxed demeanour. While an older pet that is desexed might be a little rowdier than it would have been if it had been desexed earlier, that does not mean that going through this process later is bad. All pets who are not registered breeders should be desexed because the risk versus the reward is far too heavily weighted on one side.

Is It More Painful For Older Pets?

Pet desexing is a relatively easy procedure for pets because they are completely anesthetized throughout the process and then are given regular pain medication after they wake up so that there is no residual hangover pain. In the past, pet desexing could be more painful for animals, but with better medicine for cats, dogs and all other modern house animals, this has shifted towards being nothing more than an annoyance which your pet will no doubt be grateful for if they could understand why they had to go through with it. 

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