Why Regular Vet Check-ups Are Important for Your Dog

Attending regular vet check-ups with your dog is really important, with Fetch by WebMD explaining that adult dogs should see their vet at least once a year. However, many people only take their dog to the vet when something is wrong. This article explains why regular vet appointments are so important.

Catch Health Problems Early

Many health problems in your dog can be hard to spot, especially if you're not an expert. This is in large part because you see them every day, so a growing lump, a new limp or weight loss might not be as apparent to you as it is to your vet. Regular vet check-ups are a great opportunity for your vet to catch the early signs of serious illnesses, such as cancer. This means treatment can begin at an earlier stage, leading to better outcomes for your pet.

Learn About Your Dog's Overall Health

A check-up with your vet is also a fantastic way to get an overview of your dog's overall health, and to ask any questions you might have. For example, you might want to ask about their weight, and whether you're feeding them the right amount of food. You may want to discuss behavioural issues, or how best to clean their teeth. Whatever the case, your regular appointments are an opportunity to learn more about your dog and how to care for them.

Keep Your Dog's Teeth and Nails Healthy

Cleaning a dog's teeth and cutting their nails can be really hard, especially if they're anxious about it. This might be something your vet can give you advice on, or even do themselves during the appointment. They will also be able to take a look at your dog's teeth (which can change a lot between check-ups), and determine if they need any further dental work to be happy and comfortable. This is something there may not be time for if you only attend appointments when your dog is ill, but it's important.

Get Your Dog Used to the Vet

Your dog may really not enjoy going to the vet, but regular visits will help him or her get used to the experience. However, if you take your dog to an unfamiliar place to meet strange people when he's already ill, it's likely to be more confusing and upsetting for him. Regular vet visits allow your dog to get used to the vet, the vet nurses and other staff, the sights and smells of the practice and how the check-up feels. This means your dog will be more calm and compliant when they are really ill or injured.

If you want to catch illnesses early, get expert advice about pet care, get your dog's teeth cleaned or simply get them used to the vet, then regular check-ups are sure to benefit both you and your dog.

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Attending regular vet check-ups with your dog is really important, with Fetch by WebMD explaining that adult dogs should see their vet at least once a